Across the Blue Mountains


The wattle has inspired many Australian poets, from Henry Kendall, and Adam Lindsay Gordon downwards, but it is very interesting to notice that one of tho prettiest poems about our national flower was written by one - Miss Veronica Mason - who, though a Lancashire girl by birth learned to know and love the wattle   during her residence in Tasmania. Here is her poem:-    

The bush was grey  wattle
A week to-day    
(Olive-green and brown and grey); 
But now the spring has come this way, 
With blossoms for the wattle.

It seems to be    
 A fairy tree; 
It dances to a melody, 
And sings a little song to me 
(The graceful, swaying wattle): 

See how it weaves 
Its feathery sheaves: 
Before the wind a maze it weaves,  
A misty whirl of powdery leaves - 
(The dainty, curtseying wattle):

Its boughs uplift 
An elfin gift; 
A spray of yellow, downy drift, 
Through which the sunbeams shower and sift 
Their gold-dust o'er the wattle.

The bush was grey 
A week to-day     
(olive-green and brown and grey);   
But now its sunny all the way, 
For, oh! the spring has come to stay, 
With blossom for the wattle!







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